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Hey guys,

I have been doing much research on mouses under $100 with the best value for money. I was wondering if you guys agree that the Razer Deathadder v2 is a mouse to get at it's current price of $55 (at local shop) for daily and gaming usage.

I currently have these in mind but I am willing to get other mice that in your opinion is of the best value. - Razer Deathadder

or - Razer Abyssus

or - Razer Lachesis


the Logitech G9x and G105 for 90$


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  1. Call me a Logitech fanboy, but to be honest I really do not believe in paying what's on the price tag for Razer products. I have a couple friends who have the Naga and I personally hate it. The Lachesis too. I will admit that the Razer software is really nice though. My little brother has the Logitech G9X and I hate that thing just as much as the Razer mice. I have relatively large hands so holding the G9X is just extremely uncomfortable. It's as if I'm just holding onto a can of Altoids and just sliding my hand around on the desk. I have the Logitech G500. I absolutely love my mouse. I snagged it on a sale from Newegg at $35 bucks and I have nothing bad to say about it all. I couldn't nitpick it even if I tried. Before my G500 I was using the Logitech MX1100 and that was a really nice mouse too. Only downside was that it was wireless so the whole battery thing was a bummer.

    Anyway, TL;DR: The Logitech G500 is a really nice mouse for a really nice price.
  2. logitech does make good products. my first gaming mouse was the mx1000 laser wireless and like nin-ha stated being wireless the battery life was an issue but it was very solidly built and still works after 9 years! i would definitely look into the g9 or g500 as they are often recommended.

    as far as razer is concerned....average quality product for a botique price tag. i currently use a razer deathadder as my mouse and it works perfectly fine. it is a perfect size, has large teflon feet on the bottom and a great button arrangement. however, the choice to use rubber while good for grip makes the thing an absolute dust magnet which in turn makes the mouse feel gritty. get used to cleaning the thing every other day with a damp cloth. and dont even think about solvents like windex, clorox or other non-inert liquids as it will cause the rubber to go soft and get sticky which attracts even more dust and grit.

    overall i would say the basic razer deathadder isn't a bad choice if you can deal with the constant cleaning but i would avoid the higher priced items. any of the three: deathadder, g500, g9 will most likely work.


    the most important part:

    go to a store and put your hand on them to try them out. you need to find one that fits your hand just right.
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    For around the same price, I would personally go with the G500 vs the Deathadder. It's just got a lot more features. I'm not sure how the "precision" optical sensor holds up but being able to kick my mouse into 5700dpi so that I can make quick movements while flying a chopper in BF3, to switching down to 1700dpi to do some precision sniping is really lovely. Here's what I got from just looking at their specs on Newegg.

    optical - 3500dpi
    5 buttons - customizable
    on the fly sensitivity change

    laser sensor - 5700dpi
    10 customizable buttons
    on the fly sensitivity
    side to side scrolling
    dual scrolling mode (infinite scrolling and normal)
    weight tuning
    onboard memory storage for profiles

    SSDDX, feel free to add anything to either if I missed anything. But Framps, if you watch the G500 on Newegg, you may be able to get a really good deal on it. I got mine and one for my brother both at $35 and we haven't even thought of replacing it.
  4. the main issue with laser mice vs led is that some people have a bad habit of lifting the mouse slightly off the mousepad while using it. led mice are normally much much more forgiving of this. with a laser mouse it will continue to track and will throw your cursor (or if in a fps game, your direction of sight) all over the place every time you do this. just something to be aware of.

    available dpi sensitivity is a joke. comparing 5700dpi to 3500dpi is like comparing a 35hp blender to a 57hp one. both are way more than you need. the biggest issue with increasing the dpi is that any micromovments of your hand, and believe me most hands do have a slight bit of tremble to them, will cause the mouse to be more jittery than smooth negating any possible benefit of higher dpi.

    i have personally went trough quite a few dpi settings from 400 all the way up to 4500. the first issue is that mouse speed and dpi are independent. without fiddling around the mouse movement on the screen vs mouse movement on pad is hard to get right.

    i normally stick with either 800dpi to 1200dpi and adjust the mouse speed in game to fit my playstyle. i've found no need to swap dpi settings on the fly and if you truly are proficient you shouldnt have to.

    this is why i say either the g500, g9 or deathadder will work. everything comes down to personal comfort and which tracking type fits your playstyle.

    for instance if you have the bad habit i described, one would say the g500 is crap and the deathadder is much better. or perhaps they dont have that habit and hate cleaning mice then they would say the deathadder is crap and the g500 is better.

    we can give recommendations but ultimately more than just product reviews come into play when choosing perepherals.
  5. Thank you guys for the reply! I will probably go with the g500 in the end based on your reviews! Really appreciate your help guys! Giving best answer to nin-ha just cause he answer first but I really appreciate your reviews! Thanks alot!
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