Monitor with good color accuracy for under $400?

I'm looking for a monitor to do some video editing and gaming and the most I want to spend is around $400. I have a color accurate display to watch my final edits on, so I don't need something perfect, just good for the price range.

I'm looking for something between 22-24" and I'd like to have something that won't have any ghosting for when I play games (the new PC I built has an i7 3770k and a GTX 670 so I imagine I'll do plenty of that). Thanks in advance!
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  1. You're at kind of an awkward price point where it is tough to decide whether you want a low-end IPS panel or a high end TN panel. (IPS offers superior color and view angle, TN offers faster response times and less motion blur).

    Since you asked specifially for nice colors take a look at the LG listed below. It has a 5ms response time which isn't bad (you won't notice ghosting unless you're really looking for it), and a nice complement of IO ports and features.
  2. Both of those are solid.

    I own the Asus VS248H-P, and am very happy with it for what I paid. There is no issue at all with motion blur even when I look for it, and while the colors don't compare to an IPS panel they are still very good after some calibration. It's definitely a solid option aswell.
  3. Thanks! I did get a VS248H-P but had to return it as one side of the LED was incredibly dim. I'm debating on getting another 248H-P or maybe this:

    At work I use that and a BX2231 and I'm pleased with both. I wish the Asus worked out, I was so bummed out when it showed up DOA. Thank god I got it from Amazon and they're so flexible with returns.
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