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Ok, so I've been giving some thought to adding a SSD into my laptop's second hard drive bay (Asus G72 Best Buy model). However I have some concerns with them. Lately I've been reading that a lot of these drives deteriorate in as little as a years time. Also I've got concerns about their "garbage collection" abilities and "TRIM" (I don't think I fully understand TRIM or what/how it functions). Anybody have any information or advice? Is it going to be a reliable worth while investment or a long term headache? How should I configure this new drive? I was originally thinking of using the SSD as a boot/OS drive with only a few programs installed on it and using my current 500GB drive as a DATA partition for bulk data & extra programs. But now I'm thinking of doing a duel boot system where by I could still boot into my current drive. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. My impression is that if the SSD is a boot drive then you aren't doing that much data writing to it and it would not deteriorate very fast.
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    Had 2 SSDs in 2 laptops, and 1 in desk top for sligthly over a year, they are still working great.

    Nothing wrong with a once of prevention. Set up your HDD with a 100 gig partition for operating system and remainder of it for your data (drive e.), Hopefully you will never need it. NOTE. Remove HDD when installing operating system to SSD and visa versa.
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