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id like to roll back from windows 7 to xp. is this possible?

I have xp service pack 3.....any problems other than xp can only support 4MB of memory
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  1. You have to do a clean install Windows XP, you can't just roll back.
  2. ok i realize dilema is that my hp laptop cant read my cd/dvd drive
  3. The biggest problem you might find is a lot of companies quit making drivers for XP.
  4. lets assume i can find all my hardware drivers....why wont my laptop read the cd drive ?
  5. do you mean it won't boot from the dvd drive? change boot sequence in bios.
  6. I would assume it was a hardware failure before I assumed the operating system was at fault unless you have proof otherwise.
  7. Is this an original CD, or a burned CD?
  8. It more like the problem with the optical device (hardware) than OS.....

    try cleaning the disk first..
    and try verify it still in good condition using other comp....
  9. make a bootable usb drive and bypass the optical drive......
    google it theres plenty of guides around and freeware tools to do it for you
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