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I am currently going through an extended warranty laptop replacement. The warranty company wants to replace my Toshiba X205-SLI6 with an ASUS N73JQ-XV1. I am not sure if the ASUS is close to being the qaulity of the Toshiba or if it will have the performance of the Toshiba. I do a lot of gaming online and first person shooters.

PLease help I need some sound advice as I no longer keep up with the latest tech and performance.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    ASUS N73 is a great laptop.It has GT 425M which will give you roughly the same performance(maybe a bit higher) than your old Toshiba laptop
  2. the ASUS N73 is a very good laptop as a replacement.
  3. GT425 is much better than 8600M
  4. thanks for the feedback everyone
    have a happy holiday season
  5. Have a good luck bro. Happy gaming :)
  6. ASUS N73JQ-A2 laptop is excellent. Note that, in addition to aluminum lid, the screen on a sheet of plexiglass protective ultra-transparent measures on it (board on board), which is used to protect not only the surface of the screen, but adds more strength to reduce the minimum distortion and deformation in a school bag. The hinges are one inch wide, smooth and dense.
    The keyboard is a little flexy, but it’s good for typing fast and quiet. The touchpad works well, very flexible and reliable. The sound is incredible. The only thing I want, I want is to improve the battery life. Anyway, I have bought several Replacement Laptop Batteries for Asus in very low prices:
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