Should I keep these 27" or switch to...

OKAY... Listen to my tale and give me advice, please.

Back story:
For the past 4 years I have been using two 22" LCD monitors (1680x1050 both using DVI) and just last weekend the one that flickers started smelling like burning chemicals.
So I stopped using it.

The purchase:
I then noticed my local computer store had a kick ass deal for two Samsung 27" monitors
Two SyncMaster S27B350H 27" screens.

Original price: $309 each ($618 for 2)
Sale price: $540 for 2

They both have no dead pixels and no noticeable backlight bleed. Great!

The afterthoughts:
But the only inputs on both screens are... VGA and HDMI.
My video card supports: 2x DVI, 1x Displayport, 1xHDMI.
So I have 1 screen hooked up via HDMI, and the other with VGA+DVI adapter.

To me, both screens looks nice and sharp, but the more I read online about how VGA has lower quality than the others, the more my eyes (probably psychological) are telling me things could be better.
Also, when I hooked up my PS3 to my VGA 27" and switched inputs to see how it looked, the colours looks far from vibrant, and the blacks far from black, more like a pale black?
Compared to my Sony KDL46EX500 LCD screen in the other room, the picture looked dull and fuzzy when using PS3+HDMI.

Just what am I hear asking?:
1) Should I stick with these screens even though the PS3 picture isnt great? PC useage looks fine even with the unusual inputs. The price was real good too ($270 per screen).
I can return them for 7 more days.

2) Would you guys be able to recommend a different 27" that would look great with my PS3, giving me the dark blacks and vibrant colours I want? So long as response time is <=5ms it should be fine.

3) This screen has great reviews on newegg
I would never use the monitor speakers but.. would this be better than the Samsungs?

Thanks for reading my long winded post.
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  1. Okay, after using these two samsung 27" screens for one whole day, I can safely say my eyes feel like they're about to die.

    Could not calibrate the two displays to display similar colour since they both use different connections, and this screen comes no where close to my two year old Sony 46" LCD for PS3.

    Rather than trying the Asus VE278Q, I suppose I had should look for good 24" displays instead.
    27" is too much to focus on from this desk distance and man, my eyes hurt bad.
    Lesson learned.
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    I have no personal experience running multiple displays, but if you get a couple of dvi to hdmi adapters, you could have them both connected the same way. However, if they feel too big for your desk distance and it's not practical to increase the distance, that's a good reason to stop using them.
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