opinions please!

Hello, Im planning to buy a computer and Ive been looking around some and came up with the following list. Im not all that rich, so Im going to try to get something for around $1000 plus minus a hundred or two. Im not sure of what is compatible with what and what is cheap comparing price/prestanda components, so Im totally open for suggestions. All in all Im looking for a good computer whith wich I can do most things.

Processor: somewhere between 700-850 mhz,
AMD or Intell (but no duron nor celeron)
motherboard: for them such as
K7(something... for the AMD) or the ASUS CUSL2(for Intell i think)(Im not sure what is good or not, if you know anything Im open for suggestions)
soundcard:soundblaster live - x-gamer 5.1
graficcard: geforce2(navidia) or the wodoo5(3dfx)
RAM:128(mgb)x2, but I dont know any good brands, suggestions?
CDRW: know any brands?

If you have any suggestions, please post them!
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More about opinions please
  1. Intel P3 800E and the CUSL2
    Geforce2 MX if you want to save money.
    3Dfx is now owned by nvidia, avoid voodoo products till smoke clears.
    RAM is cheap 256~512MB PC133 SDRAM
    Aureal A3D sound card for budget, sound blaster live if you afford.
    Toshiba now has a DVD-RAM combo drive with CD-RW capabilities. sells for under $300.

    Make sure your hard drive is ATA100 and 7200 RPM

    This system will overclock 1Ghz easy and support everything you want to install into it. Windows ME runs great on CUSL2

    If you want to save a little more money, you can cut back to a 667EB CPU and still overclock 800Mhz +
  2. Whats wrong with Duron's?

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  3. Nothing's wrong with the durons. Fugger just doesn't know how to put a system together without incinerating the processor.
    Just make sure you get a decent heat sink and fan. Definitely use some kind of thermal paste. I would do this if it's an Intel or an AMD.(I've been biulding them that way for several years). Please do any extra research about parts and procedures before you start building the system. DO NOT BUY CHEAP NONAME/2rd-3rd tier PARTS!!!!

    Have fun, like many things in life the first time is always the most rewarding.
  4. I have a T-brid 900 on the A7v, no problems. I would suggest you look at either plextor of yamaha CD-RWs, I have had great luck with both in the past. In my current set up, I have the Plextor 12x10x32x SCSI. For DVD, I would suggest either the Creative 12x ovation (works great)I think panasonic has a 16x on the market, might be worth checking out. For HD I have a maxtor 60 GB I love it, but I hear that the IBMs are even faster. With the HD go for 7200 RPM. I have a Geforce 2 and the X gamer 5.1, both are great. just my 2 cents. No matter what you choose get good cooling, be careful, and have fun with it!
    Good luck
  5. If your going to use Intel and overclock get the 700 and bump it up to 933 in BIOS on the CUSL2-C. Crucial and Mushkin both make excellent memory.

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  6. personally i would recommend an AMD because of the price issue which could get you a better video card or just save the money. as for ram crucial is a solid performer, if you plan on overclocking and have a little extra, mushkin is also good. a good AMD mobo is either the Abit KT7 RAID or the Asus A7V, and there is a nice dvd/cdrw combo as mentioned above which you may want to consider. but if you want to go separate, go with either a plextor 8/4/20 or 12/10/32 whichever is in your budget. and for the dvd, toshibas are solid as well as pioneers, but they are a bit harder to find

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  7. I would go for the 1.2 Athlon personally but I haer the P4 is dropping fast so keep your eye on that too, A7V or KT7raid for athlon CPU's not sure for intel...


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