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The above setup is something I kind of fell in love with, I want to build a gaming PC with that monitor set up.

Will it be tough to get a portrait/landscape/portrait setup? I read on here that eyefinity doesn't support the mixing of orientations, so how do I do it, do I just have to pick the right vid card?

I'm thinking of getting a (single) GeForce GTX 680 2GB or something of similar price/power. From what I read it'll be running Skyrim at only 40ish FPS but thats ok...I can get a 2nd card down the road. I also have a 4th monitor (37 in TV 720p crappy computer resolution) that I could mount above and only use for TV so if it supports a 4th that would be a bonus but not necessity.

Also do you guys have tips on what monitors to get? Been looking at some cheap asus 24 in onces but apparent those don't have the ability to mount vertically. I need two that will go vertical and a third bigger one for the middle, and ideally they would be compatible with each other (both in brand and in height). Small bezels also a plus. For the monitors I'm trying to spend less than 1k for all 3.
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  1. Hmm not a lot of people are familiar with these setups I guess, the more I research this setup the more I found out how uncommon/hard/expensive it is to pull off...

    I done some research and it sounds like the only way to get it to work is use a program called softTH, it is almost like a hack I guess which will allow you to run a set up with different resolutions and orientations as one desktop. Anybody have experience with softTH which can give me some pointers?
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