Building new computer, suggestions please

I'm thinking of building a computer similar to the one in the Do-It-Yourself PC System guide. But I have a few questions first ;\

1. RAM
256 PC133 SDRAM sounds pretty good, BUT, isn't SDRAM getting a "little" dated? What's with the faster ram....DDR-SDRAM (or whatever). Is it worth the extra money, and when playing games would I actually notice a differance? Also does the brand of the RAM acutally matter? Is the cheap $80 stuff just as good as the more expensive brand named $135 RAM? Again, would I actually notice a big differance?

2. Video card
The Asus V7700 32MB, GeForce2 GTS with TV Out sounds good and everything, but god I have seen so many differant GeForce2 cards. Is this one any good? Are there any better for not much more money?

3. Overclocking the 800 to 1ghz
with the coolent system would you consider it 100% safe to overclock it to 1ghz? Don't feel like frying a system here ;\

4. Where to buy all the components.
Does anyone know of a place online to buy the parts for about the same price that it states in the guide? I'm looking to get them all from one place, not multiple places, saves a lot of trouble if you ask me.
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  1. Only going to comment on the ram, don't have any specifics on the other stuff. DDR-SDRAM requires a different type of memory slot on the motherboard, so you'd have to have a different motherboard at a higher price. And the difference in RAM isn't speed (mostly), but stability. Good memory will go long ways towards making sure you can run your system for a long time while cheap memory can mean lots of reboots for lockups and other random errors. Usually not worth it for the risk incurred with no-name memory.

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  2. SORRY! DDR SDRAM isn't worth it????!?!? Can I ask what crack you have been smoking while reading the benchmarks!? DDR WILL Increase your performance overall. I am sorry but where is your solid proof of no increase. Please somebody back me up on this
  3. DDR is only about 10% more expensive and makes your system perform about 10% better. Use Crucial brand, other brands might cause instability.

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  4. It seems like all of your questions could be answered if you read Tom's Hardware guides on graphics cards, memory, and cooling. As far as price, I have yet to find one store that has the best prices on everything. I tend to favor some sites for one thing and other sites for other components. my 2 cents.

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  5. sorry to disagree but read this article
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    it will explain some of the reason to hold off on ddr right now.
    atleast wait until via comes out with thier ddr chipset for the amd family before making any final decision.
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