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Hey everyone. Now I know this question pops up a bunch, (I have already used the search function) but I have still yet to decide on a keyboard out of all the ones mentioned because for the most part, they're just repeated responses. Everyone has mentioned the Logitechs, and the Razers, the Microsofts and the Rosewills, and all the other well known brands. However I have yet to see someone post something that's really got a bang for its buck.

Now I'm looking for something that's not purely restricted to gaming, so Macros are a plus, not a necessity. What I'm really looking for is something with a nice feel to it and has to have Media controls. I love having the access to mute and other hotkeys b/c I use Skype a lot so it's nice to be able to mute, when necessary. If there is a really good basic keyboard that's really worth its price, then I may have to reconsider the media controls, but at the moment having those buttons would be a huge plus.

I have already looked at most if not all the Razers (and I'm personally not a huge fan of them), I've already looked at the Sidewinders (I'm waiting for Newegg to drop another $30 Sidewinder X4 sale), and none of the Logitech G series keyboards are within my price range. I have heard of other models such as the Saitek Eclipse and the OCZ Alchemy Elixir but I can't seem to find them at a good price, so if there are any good sites out there, that'd be much appreciated as well. I would also love a mechanical if anyone knows of one being $50 dollars or less, but I highly doubt that. Thanks everyone.
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    for $50 or under i highly doubt you will find a mechanical keyboard from a well known manufacturer. You might be able to find one from a no-name company made in who-knows-where but you take a gamble every time you do.

    those well known brands are recommended because quite a few users have posted feedback on them and there is quite alot of information to be had on whether the keyboards are any good or not.

    there is nothing wrong with buying a low end microsoft or preferably logitech keyboard meant for "office work" and using it for gaming. you will get a product known to last a decent span of time, has enough user backing to base your opinion on, is commonly found in stores so that you can play around with it and is widely available.

    any time you see "gaming" before keyboard chances are you are going to pay more for a product which might sport a few macro keys but is otherwise almost identical to office type keyboards.

    ive used everything from a $2 made in china, $100 logitech mx1000 set keyboard, ibm model m, $10 microsoft quiettouch, etcetera and really the only thing that matters are if the keys are more spongy (dell keyboards and cheap no-name keyboards normally) and the layout of the keys. gaming really isn't affected all that much provided the perepherals are comfortable for you to use.

    i've found logitech to have less resistance to them than other brands. they also aren't quite as spongy as other rubber dome switch designs. the full sized keyboards also have a decent layout to them and they offer media and macro keys. how can you not recommend them? i do.

    your choice whether you want to keep looking but my solution is to buy an "office" type keyboard instead of a "gaming" type keyboard. after all, if i can do it and use a $5 keyboard/mouse set to beat people running $200 sets then you buying an office keyboard under $50 should be fine!

    just my opinion... take it for what it is worth. do try the keyboards out in person though or you will be sorry.
  2. Well right now I'm using some low end Microsoft Media/Office keyboard. It works fine but the keys are starting to feel "saggier." I also can't push more than about four keys which is a bummer. I've got my head set on the Sidewinder X4 but I don't know if I'll like the feel of it. I'm afraid that it'll feel like the Razer Lycosa and I want to avoid that thing like the plague.
  3. my guess would be that you have your current keyboard plugged in via usb? if you want to press more keys at once then get a board with full n-key rollover and use the usb to ps/2 adapter provided.

    rubber dome switches do wear out over time. sounds like you need a replacement.

    all i'm saying is that when on a strict budget you cant ignore obvious options like office keyboards. a gaming keyboard is 90% hype and 10% extra options.
  4. True that. I'm plugged in via USB. It's just my left side of my keyboard. The middle and right side of my keyboard feels practically brand new.
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