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I have Win 7, 32-bit upgraded from XP.W7 was installed in a different drive without any problem and using it as a single boot system.Hy router is D-link 524.A Home network was setup with two differnt computers with vista and XP and every thing worked well for a month until AT&T updated my modem.
PROBLEM:The network is fine for two hours and then the connection is lost completely.Win7 computer is connected by cable to the computer.I had to reboot the router and modem to restore the connection.

Actions taken until now:
I have updated my drivers
Uninstalled Windows Media Center
IP Version6 unchecked
Connected the router with cable to two differnt computers and operating systems .
The problem remains unsolved.
Thank You for your opinion and help
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  1. The problem is your WLAN-Card not your router.
    Win 7 has driver problems with some old WLAN-cards.
    I am using D-Link 524 and the Linksys WMP600N under Win 7 problem at all.
  2. Hi -- I probably should not reply to your post as I am not sure how to fix it, but wanted to remark that I've been having similar issues (multiple OS home network) and have found a few common replies that seem to help other people:
    1. update your router firmware
    2. "Homegroup" issues with Windows 7 -- I am not sure how to go about having a home network without it (I've just tried changing my home network to a "work network" from a "home network" after reading that this helped someone). I don't know enough about Homegroup to comment intelligently, but perhaps someone else out there can add some information.
    3. sleep/power save issues with NIC cards and Windows 7

    Hope this helps or gets you on the right path. alliemack
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