Is acer led monitor the same as acer lcd with led backlight monitor?

Is it true that there is no LED monitor in the industry?
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  1. The term "LED monitor" generally means an LCD monitor with an LED backlight, because non-organic LEDs haven't been made small enough to use as monitor pixels (smallest I've found is something like 1.0mm x 0.8mm, whereas monitor pixels are 0.3mm or smaller). These are usually edge-lit, but there might be some more expensive models that are zone-lit to allow local dimming.

    There is such a thing as an OLED monitor, which actually uses OLEDs as the subpixels without requiring an LCD layer to control how much light gets through, but they're super expensive. The cheapest I can currently find on Google Shopping that's big enough to use as a desktop monitor (ignoring the HP XP597AA#ABA which is mis-listed at a few stores as being an OLED monitor - HP's website doesn't even indicate an OLED backlight) is the 17 inch Sony PVM-1741 for $3,690.00 at B&H Photo-Video-Audio.
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