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Hello guys, :hello:

I've finally decided to move on from a CRT to a LED monitor. The CRT is starting to give many problems (Thank God about that). So the main purpose the LED is going to be used for is gaming, watching movies, web browsing and a bit of studies. Monitor should be crystal clear sharp and deep colours. :kaola:

These are the few things that the monitor should have:

Disply Type: LED
Usage: Home use - Movies - Gaming
Brand: Samsung - Acer etc
Inches: 18.5" - 20" Max
Response time: 5 ms

I've looked up Samsung, Viewsonic, Asus, LG, AOC, Dell, HP and Fujitsu but I thought I'd consult you guys before I buy one.

These are the models which are available in my area so please recommend
the best led monitor from the list. again I want a crystal clear sharp and deep color display.
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  1. Visual clarity is very user subjective. If you look at three monitors, and I look at them, we will likely choose different 'best' monitors!

    You can look at specs and reviews and recommendations all day long, but when you actually LOOK at a monitor you will know which one is best for you. Otherwise, just pick the one with the specs and the price you like and go for it! ;)
  2. In rough order, Samsung, Dell (UltraSharp series), Asus, Fujitsu, HP.
    ViewSonic, LG and AOC I'd stay away from, have had many issues with them.
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