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Hi i hope someone can help me real quick i have Geforce GTX 460 i just installed windows 7 on my comp before i was having issues with windows 7 where my hard drive was slow just bought new hard-drive and replaced it was replaced this video card was working was readable. But now after i have installed new hard-drive and installed windows 7 on that hard-drive when i plug in my monitor to this video card and fire up the machine it gets stuck on the window where you press the F2 key to go the bios it does not move from there at all so i tried to install the driver having to connect the monitor to on board VGA thats how i was able to install windows 7 on the hard-drive but yea i was not able to update the drivers to make the video card work i have both 6 pin power connectors connected to the video card but if someone can help me will really appreciate it it was but i have no clue what is wrong. If anyone require anymore info please let me know Thank you
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  1. If some can help urgently will really appreciate it as f2 key or delete/esc does not work either.
  2. okay so what dont understand is i just disconnected the hard-drive and restarted the comp it did continue to the screen where it said insert a bootable disk and press enter something like that so i have no clue what should i do?
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    First of all...take a deep breath...we can only read and type so fast :)

    Did you make any changes in the BIOS when installing the new drive such as resetting the defaults, etc?

    Go back into the BIOS of your computer, by pressing F2, and look for a option for onboard video. Make sure it's turned off or disabled so that the computer will know to push the video signal to your card.

    You mentioned that you tried connecting it to the VGA port on the system board, did you get video when you did this? If so, go into Safe Mode w/Networking, uninstall the drivers for your video card and download and install the latest ones (non-beta).
  4. Sorry for my impatient post. I;ll start from i did connect it to the VGA port on the system board everything seems to be working fine when it is connected to the on board VGA port but when its connected to the Geforce GTX460 it hangs on the intel screen where it tells you to hit F2 key to go in to bios and in black it says 5A and i am unable to hit the f2 key as nothing happens. so what i did was disconnected my hard-drive as it is SATA and was able to go in to bios and from advanced tab i went to video configuration and it says primary video adaptor was set to "auto" there options are as folllow:

    1) Auto
    2)int graphics (IGD)
    3)ext pcie graphics (PEG)
    4) Ext pci graphics

    so i selected option 4 and turned it off connected the hard-drive and started again but no change:(
  5. Okay so i was able to fix my problem as i was suppose to change bios setting to ahci and re-installed the windows as i was not able to get in the windows to fix the registry file.
  6. but thanks for all your help hedwar2011 much appreciate it.
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