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I have read a few posts now about how Tom's Article was good but lacked specific advice on how to properly or "easily" mount the HSF. I have parts coming in the mail tomorrow, i already have my heatsink and fan, I will be mounting a globalwin FOP32-I atop an Athlon 900 on a A7V and if all you experianced computer builders out there wouldnt mind providing a few tips on how you do it. and do it succesfully, and hey even a few posts about how people crushed their cpu's wouldnt hurt, sort of a guide as what not to do.

Would be much appreciated thanks. Do i have to sit on it and use two hands to snap this beast on or is it fairly simple. ?

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  1. Hold the heat sink straight and apply the clips with a flat blade screwdriver ...carefully and gently if it seems you are having to force it, stop and look at it again..


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  2. Hook the short end first, then cram the long end down as hard as it takes. Hey, it works for me!

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  3. Depending on the fan (I don't know that one), first establish which way it should sit on the socket. Basically the HS should be central over the chip. Then carefully slot in the three seats to the side of the clip without the handle for you to push on. Lay the HSF down onto the chip, make sure your first three anchors are properly engaged. Now take the handle, and slowly and evenly apply pressure downwards so the clip is forced towards the anchor. Keep applying more pressure, until the clip snaps into place on the socket. Then plug the fan in to the mobo.

  4. I think the A7V also has instructions on how to setup the Heatsink either in the manual or on their (asus) webpage (or both) :smile:
  5. Check out this link. You will find AMD's heatsink installation guide. I think it will clear things up for you.
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