Advent 7113 Recovery Problems

Hello to the community.

I have aquired a laptop I am trying to repair, Its an Advent 7113 and the problem is as follows:

Booting up the POST/BIOS seems fine, it detects the DVD Drive/HDD Drive in BIOS. However, once this is over.

The problems start. Windows Vista doesnt even attempt to load, the error screen of "Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause" comes up.

Attempting to load startup repair, nothing happens but a blank screen (then reboots)

Attempting to run safe mode. it hangs on "loading windows setup" and then reboots.
attempting to load the recovery partition by either holding 0 or tapping F10. Any options on there to do with restore.

Nothing, it black screens then reboots and goes back to the screen of "windows failed to start"

to make matters worse, the files on the laptop could really use with been recovered as the laptop has a lot of important files on.

I have google'd hi and low for a possible recovery disk, because I do beleive that this is probably a format - OS reinstall issue.

However, I cannot find any recovery disks that are free to download, and I have not even found a propper recovery set of instructions for this model of laptop:

Actually, heres what happens when pressing F10 (but all other options just reboot).

When pressing F10

a screen appears titled "edit boot options"

and has a path for Windows\ect\ect\ect winload.exe

it also says

and has an awaiting command prompt with


At button you can either Enter, and attempt to run this, or cancel. Attempting to run this (as it is) just displays a blank screen briefly, then laptop reboots.

As for overheating ? I thought might of been a possibilty, due to it been rarther warm, but the laptop is happy to keep attemtping to boot and not cut out dead like they usually do with overheating

So I feel that its definailty an issue with Vista. And am asking you people of Tomshardware, if you have any ideas or tips for me to get this fixed.

Thanks for reading
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