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HP 4V printer driver Win 7

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June 13, 2012 7:50:57 AM

Is there anywhere I can download from and store on CD a Win 7 driver to run my still fine HP LJ 4V.
When I look in the header files of so called Win 7 HP LJ4V drivers the are generally only for XP and or Wn 2000. I am aware there is some software called Wiindows update but that will not solve the problem.
XP and curent driver run the LJ4V fine.
When I go to upgrade I then might find I am in real trouble as I do not have the driver file stored ahead of time . Frankly I do not like running auto updates on my business related PC - some robot tinkers with the guts, Next day it does no work. I then have to fix it for pay serious brass to get a tech to fix it and I never asked for the C_k up to occur. Microsoft of course will know nothing. etc.

cheers, Tim Fid in Melbourne.

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June 17, 2012 11:06:56 PM

phil22 said:
Go to HP Australia website (Drivers section) here:

Cheers Phil,

will give that a go. (I would much rather load drivers from a kosher HP source .l.. assuming that www8 is - will see) I would assume you are in Oz ?

June 17, 2012 11:25:06 PM

No, seems out of luck. Lasterjet 4V and 4MV are not supported on that site. It appears that HP want to force you to upgrade to use Win 7. (As it turns out there is a Win Upgrade pacakge associated with Win 7 that Does support the LJ 4V and similar but most simple people would be forced to ditch their printer (before they find that out) by these shoddy marketing tactics. HP printer LJ drivers are available via Google searches but whether these work with WIn 7 ??. Moral of the story. If you have old hardware , download any drivers you might need and keep 2 x CD backups. The 4V is a workhorse. Up to 16K pp per ctg (140 AUD for a refill). Why should I ditch it . They don't make em as wall as this any more. It has two or even 3 cooling fans inside. Quality. Cheers, Tim F in Melbourne