Replacing Viewsonic LCD power supply?

Hi, I bought a used 19" Viewsonic VG1930wm (1440x900) off of Ebay, and when I got it I found out that when I run it for 10-15 min. it emits a burning electrical smell from the top back on the left side where the power supply is. I can't run it like that since I have an infant and a toddler in the house. I contacted the seller and he agreed to send me another monitor. He sent me a 19" VTG910b (1280x1024) as a replacement. Would it be safe to try to take the power supply out of the VTG910b and put it in the VG1930wm? I can mod the chassis if I need to so the mounting/grounding posts are in the correct spot. BTW I have visually inspected the PS in the VG1930wm and I can't see any bulged/discolored capacitors or anything out of the ordinary.
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    I would have asked if the power supplies were even the same size, but if you're willing to mod the chassis, that shouldn't be a big deal. I think the first thing to check is whether the output amperages and voltages from the power supplies match up. If not, I'm fairly sure swapping the power supplies wouldn't be safe.
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