I deleted ide controller from device manager...

I accidently deleted ide controller from the device manager and after restart in bios i dont have any hard drive and i cant booting any program for fix it..i try hirens boot cd after boot it staying not loading program or mini xp also i tried knoppix and win98 usb boot stick so far i couldnt manage to load anything every attemp of my boot it just blank screen with cursor..i try bios update with crisis bios update after hours of fight i managed to do it now bios uptodate newer version but didnt help about hard drive...please help i run out idea..(sorry about english)
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  1. Can you boot from CDs/DVDs? If you can, thenfirst make sure the HDD is recognized in BIOS. Then go ahead and put in the CD with Windows installer and start the install wizard. It will load the drivers, then it will ask you whether you want to do a clean install, or to repair an existing Windows installation. Pick the later, and do a repair of your existing installation. It will keep your programs, but it will also repair all the system files that got messed up, including the drivers. I believe that you will have to re-do all the updates, though.
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