Overheating processor.. Help?

I just recently built my system (1.1GHz Thunderbird w/ CoolerMaster DP5-6H51) and after playing about an hour, maybe two, of a demanding game (ie, Rogue Spear or Unreal Tournament), my computer locks up and restarts. I check the temperature and it's around 130 ferinheit. After reading the recent article about putting together a new system, I noticed I didn't apply (or have for that matter) any thermal compound (mainly because I thought that's what the little thing on the bottom of the sink was?). Could that be the source of my overheating problem?
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  1. what is 130 in celcius? (for us Canadians here)
    I've know of a few people that don't use the compund and leave the original stuff on the heat sink, and they haven't had problems.

    what's the status of your over all case cooling? like case fans and all that stuff.

    and also, what type of vid card do u have and is it overclocked?

    what type of moboard btw?
  2. About 54 Degrees C Not real hateful. My PIII runs around 53 Degrees C Running Seti@home; However I am not sure about AMD! Bruce©
  3. 54 eh?
    Well, if that's the case then it's not too bad. could be worse, but could be waay better.

    maybe try removing the standard 'thermal goop' and run it without it, probably won't make it worse, i believe that amd recommends running without any compound anyway. but if you get the artic silver that would help.

    BUUTT, running at that temp shouldn't cause any lock ups....
  4. It's not too bad for an AMD, just get some Artic Silver, clean the junk from your Heasink, and put a small amount of the good stuff on the top of the die.

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  5. Well, I have a fan on my processor, power supply, graphics card, hard drive, and the built-in one on the motherboard.. As for overheating, I don't know the exact temperatures it reaches, but it gets pretty damn hot. I'll try adding some high-quality thermal compound.. I hope that helps, 'cause it's annoying, restarting randomly.. .. Also, I blame my computer not liking cold-boots (doesn't boot up all the way) on the lack of compound too.
  6. Even the Radio Shack stuff is good, but Artic Silver is the best.

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  7. i have a duron 600@863 and it crashes everytime it hits 53c
    i am using copper based heatsink goop and have a 120mm fan
    blowing into the side of my caes which has brought temps down to 45c
  8. Blowing into? Shouldn't the fan be facing the other way (suck air/heat out)?
  9. I would recommend upgrading your heatsink, 1.1's give off some serious heat..


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