Port config on the NETGEAR MR314 wireless router

...and for my first post...

On the Linksys routers you can open up and allow incoming port ranges versus just allowing a single port. This is a very cool and useful feature. Does anyone know if NETGEAR's MR314 wireless cable router offers the same feature?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I've got an MR314...works nicely, but I don't believe so.

    All your [insert random word here] are belong to us. :eek:
  2. I just downloaded the Firmware update that allows for port range forwarding. Works like a charm. BUT, I have the RT314....let me check on the MR314.
  3. Here ya' go dude. It is supported now.

    <A HREF="http://www.netgear.com.au/telstra_update.asp" target="_new">http://www.netgear.com.au/telstra_update.asp</A>
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