Step by step on how to enter bios in vista for toshiba a205 s5880

i want to downgrade from vista to xp sp3 in Toshiba A205 S5880; i have cloned an XP installation cd with the sata drivers by nlite,but now i just cant find a way to get to my bios settings to change the AHCI to IDE. i have tried the esc, F1 keys as instructed but i cant see that page for bios settings....what do i need to do? so desperate and have been trying this for the past 9 hours to no avail.
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  1. So, are you getting into the BIOS at all? If so, chances are that it is locked down to the point where you cannot change the setting. If not, are you seeing anything in the bottom right hand corner when you first power the computer on that says "press x to enter BIOS?"
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