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I'm in search of a quality surge protector.

The electric in my house is grounded, but not the phone line. I use DSL so this is a problem. I need a high-quality Surge Protector power strip which protects a phone line and multiple electric devices.

-Power Strip with multiple plugs, preferably spaced a bit (for iPad charger and my large modem and wireless adapters)
-Protects phone line
-Heavy Duty protection (enough to protect against lightning strikes, which blew my old computer and my router and modem)

Price range: Up to $100
Sites: Newegg or Amazon

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  1. is there something wrong with going to your local office supply store, walmart, or places like microcenter?

    you can get a 10plug surge protector with phoneline protection for under $25 easy. most major brands also come with insurance in case they would fail for large sums of money.
  2. I have a Dynex 8 plug surge protector. Comes with phone plugs as and other plugs as well. Check your local Best Buy for one. Although I'd highly recommend an 11 plug. You can never know when you'll need an outlet for another cursed transformer adapter.

    PS: The Dynex one covers up to a couple thousand dollars. That's already worth more than all the stuff that I've plugged into it.
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