Need some help with gaming mice

Hey this question has probably been thrown around a million times before. But Im having trouble finding a decent answer myself and need some help from a community of fine computer using folk like yourselves.

Basically Im after a decent gaming mouse. Ive used a g5 a long while ago and loved it then.. so I tried a g500 which I simply cant get used to and bought an mx518 which just doesnt feel right either. Ive been using a razer naga for a while as I used to play MMO's and Ive found that I dont palm grip like I used to with a logitech g5 I now fingertip grip....

So the problem im facing is researching decent mice as there is the whole optical vs laser debate... and well I have huge hands... when I say that... the razer naga sits along my fingers without even hitting my palm. And since my grips changed with the naga I cant seem to get used to the g500 or similar.

Im considering getting a Razer deathadder BE, or a logitech g9x possibly even something entirely different. I play games casually now and use the computer for everyday things so I wouldnt be able to tell you the difference between optical or laser...

Im not a razer fanboy... and Ive had a deathadder before when I used to palm grip and it just gave me insanely bad wrist cramps. Although ive found the razer software much easier to use than logitech so there are pros and cons for both....

Any advice guys? what would you recommend?
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  1. Also while gaming I dont lift my mouse off the pad its generally always flat
  2. some people who claim to be pro gamers or extreme gamers claim that laser mice or wireless mice are not meant for gaming and are inferior. however this just is not true.

    if you do not lift your mouse off of the pad then a laser mouse will work equally well as a led mouse.

    personally i like my razer deathadder. the other commonly recommended mice are the g500, g9,g5 and all of the ones you mentioned. i've used logitech mice before in the past (and use a small one for my laptop) and they perform well also.

    the best thing to do is to go to a local store or a few stores and to actually handle the display mice.
  3. I always find you on these types of threads, SSDDX. Guess we have similar tastes in hardware, huh? Anyway, JPJRICH, if you have large hands than I'd recommend a Logitech MX1100 (it's fairly old) or the newer Logitech Performance MX. They have a relatively large palm rest area b/c they're meant to be ergonomic. I have a MX1100 and it's honestly one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. My cousin has the Performance MX and the Razer Naga and he switches between both. The Naga for MMOs and the Performance MX for everything else. If you don't play games that require high sensitivities than there's no reason to go for the more expensive laser mice. Just find a nice optical and a decent cloth mouse pad and you should be a-okay. Besides that, I can't really suggest anything else.
  4. @nin-ha

    i typically browse perepherals, home theatre, home audio and ocassionally cellphones, cars, entertainment and opinions. i'm probably in the top ten of most active posters in those sections as of now.


    i used to have an old mx1000 mouse (i'm guessing this is what the mx1100 evolved from) and it was great. i still have one although since its 9 years old or so the internal battery is not what it used to be!
  5. @OP: well if all the previous versions of the Performance MX are great, then I'd definitely suggest the Performance MX!
  6. I like the Performance MX mouse. I wish it was a bit bigger.

    While not exactly a pure "gaming mouse" it does quite well in games. I've been using a Performance MX for about 3 years now.
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