Astral Dreadnought stats (2nd edit)

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While cleaning out my files, I found this. Enjoy!
(Is there a 3E version out there?)

Climat: Astral plane
Frequency: Very rare
Activity cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Exept(15-16)
Treasure: None
Alignement: Chaotic neutral
No. appearing: 1
Armor class: -4
Movement: 15(480' per astral round)
Hit dice: 15+30
Thaco: 5
No of attacks: 3
Dammage attack: 4d8/4d8/2d10
Special attacks: Anti-magic,fear
Special defences: +1 or better weopon to hit
Magic resistance: 35%
Size: G (30'tall)
Morale: Fearless
Xp value: 22,000

The astral dreadnought's a gigantic creature the size of a storm giant, with
gaping jaws; huge, pincerlike claws; a reddish armored carapace; and a single
black malevolant eye. The dreadnoughts lower quarters are serpentine or wormlike,
but the tail has no end stretching off into an infenitly long silver cord as
thick as a stout barrel.

The astral dreadnought's an absolute terror in combat. Its massive claws
are lined with sharp, serrated edges hat can easily catch and crush a human.
If the dreadnought scores a natural 18 or better against a creature of size
L or smaller with its claws, the victim is pinned. Trapped victims are
automatically crushed for normal claw dammage in subsuquent rounds, and are
50% likely to have 1d4 limbs pinned as well-possibly rendering them helpless
in the dreadnought's grip. Getting free of the the dreadnought requires a
bend bars/lift gates roll with a 30% penalty. Instead of crushing a trapped
victim, the dreadnought can bring it to its maw for a bite attack with a + 4
bonus to hit, or throw the hapless victim 30 to 180 (3d6*10) yards. And in
the Astral plane the victim will not stop moving until he collects himself
and is able to use his mind to stop this movement.

The dreadnought's gaping maw is capable of crunching through even the
toughest armor or shield. If the creature makes its bite attack roll by 4 or
more, the victim's armor must survive a saving throw versus crushing blow or
be destroyed. If the victim has no armor, he must succesfully save versus
death magic or lose a random limb. severed cleanly by those razor sharp
teeth. The dreadnought can sever a victim's silver cord with its bite if it
aims for the cord and makes an attack roll that hits AC 0. This destroys
the victim's astral form and causes the death of the victim's body.

To make matters worse, the astral dreadnought has several magical powers as
well. Its gaze creates a cone shaped area of anti magic, 100 yards long by
20 yards wide at its far end. No spell or magikal item can function in this
area. Any creature who meets the gaze of the dreadnought must make a saving
throw versus spells or be affected by magikal fear

The dreadnoughts has only two weaknesses: its single eye and its silver
cord. the creature effective armor class for the eye is AC -8, and can
suffer 10 points of dammage before being destroyed. If the dreadnought's
blinded it will flee. The creatures silver cord is AC -5 and requires 60 hit
points of dammage from type S weopon to sever. If the cord is severed, the
dreadnought is destroyed. Naturally the dreadnought's fiercly protective of
its own silver cord.

ISLAM: Winning the hearts and minds of the world, one bomb at a time.
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  1. Archived from groups:, (More info?)

    Ubiquitous wrote:

    > While cleaning out my files, I found this. Enjoy!
    > (Is there a 3E version out there?)

    Yes. It's in the Manual of the Planes.
    "I'm as impure as the driven yellow snow." -Spike
  2. Archived from groups:, (More info?)

    In Stephenls <> wrote:
    : Ubiquitous wrote:

    :> While cleaning out my files, I found this. Enjoy!
    :> (Is there a 3E version out there?)
    : Yes. It's in the Manual of the Planes.

    Hmmph. First place I would have looked, too.
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