Has anybody here ever used a K6-3+ in a desktop computer? I have seen where Toms used a K6-2+ , but I tried with a K6-3+ and can't get it to work with any programs using DirectX (Glide proggys like Quake 2 work ok). I have set the voltage to 2.0 and am not overclocking it. A k6-2 500 works just fine in the same motherboard. I have the latest (non-beta) bios for the board (DFI P3v +e ). Has anyone gotten this thing to work?
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  1. Actually I was about to start an almost identical thread. I just upgraded my Dad's computer from a K6-2 333 to a K6-3+ 450 and it seems to be slower! I have it stabily overclocked to 617Mhz! That's almost double since the K6-2 wasn't overclocked.

    I'm using an Asus P5A, and I've heard recently that they have problems with K6-3's. I was using the latest stable BIOS, and I just switched to the latest beta BIOS. The bets BIOS seems to work a bit better (at least is can identify the processor as a K6-3 instead of an 'MMX processor').

    I was thinking of returning the processor and getting a K6-2 500, but before I do that does anyone have any ideas why it is so slow, and/or what i can do to speed it up.
  2. Saw your request for results of my K6-3+ 450 into my DFI board and I wish I had some to give...my chip did not make its 3 day delivery date! I was hoping to play this weekend. I'll let ya know what I find. I know the board has a bios that supports K6-2+, and it supports K6-3s, I just hope it supports the 3+.

    Getting back to your problem, have you made sure that all of the drivers for your vidcard are current and are you running the latest Via dirvers? From reading the posts, having the drivers seem to be a key to solving a majority of problems.
  3. Just got the thing to run by turning off the mobo cache. I know that's not the answer, but maybe I can figure out the right question now......
  4. There is another thread around here where someone states that the mobo cache, which is now L3 cache, does not add that much to the speed of the machine because the K6-3+ has enough onboard cache. But I'm a greedy SOB that would want it to work also! ;)
  5. I have to date built 4 k6-3+ machines. you need to make sure your motherboard bios supports it for one. It has no issues with directx and will outperform the k6-2 500 considerably. If you are having such problems I suspect that the motherboard is having difficulties. for all the information you could need go to: http://www.amdzone.com/forum/

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  6. Here is some info from AMDZone:
    <A HREF="http://www.amdzone.com/forum/searchresults.cfm?keyword=P5BV3&searchtype=key&catid=All" target="_new">P5BV3 threads</A>
  7. do you have Voodoo2 ?

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  8. No, I have a new Geforce mx. I used to have a voodoo 3, and before that, a voodoo 2. I have been pretty careful to get rid of the old drivers and registry keys, but if you know about any hiding places, I would be glad to hear. Also, the Mobo is a DFI P5BV3+ /e , kind of an odd duck, mini AT form. I thought I was buying the P5BV3+ , but got it home and started counting slots.... Oh well. I used the lack of slots for an excuse to buy a Voodoo3 2000 agp.
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