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Hello everyone, I would like your opinion about the Dell u2412m and the HP 2511x. As of now i am using a really old sony sbm something TFT (the squared shaped monitor). I am not sure why but it gives me a headache, probably because it is 16 ms.

I will be making my decision based on your input about the monitor and based on how well it does in these category reading 12 point fonts, movies, browsing and gaming. I would be on the computer about 7 hours a day and which one would be best and less eye straining. I really like glossy but if Anti glare does not make the screen too blurry and grainy i would opt for the dell.

ALso what is your experience with AG and glossy. I really do not mind the glossy as it does reproduce nice colors as i saw at frys. They did not have the dell displayed so i could not make my decision there. Thank you for your time everyone.
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  1. 1: The headache you mention is probebly coust of eider a low
    budget monitor, an old monitor or wrong brightness and colour
    settings (or monitor hardware related problems with making a
    good and calm screen to look at - something a low-end monitor
    never will do). My own have often given me both headache, eye
    strain and even tears falling and grumble the sight - specially when
    gaming and doing so for several hours - but its a ViewSonic and I
    did´nt know what I was doing when buying it in 2002...

    2: The distant from your eyes and the monitor, and how high up
    you must bend your neck to see the whole screen, makes a big
    factor for what the eye is exposed to. If the monitor is too high up,
    at least some of us who uses glasses, suffers from that the picture
    often can be reflected wrong into the eyes, which for all users can
    lead to both neck-, eye- and headache related problems. If the
    neck hurts because the screen is placed too high it automaticly
    triggers the muscules and nervs that leads from below the ears and
    the whole way to both eyes and head. If the brighness is too high it
    can lead to headache which often gives neckache because you
    unconsiously cramping the neck muscles.
    Good stuff to think about for all users!

    3: I believe you must sit down and think of which category you mostly
    will use your monitor to. Same thing when buying a new TV: If you
    mostly are going to use it to watch movies - plasma screens like
    Panasonic gives you the perfekt colour and picture in the grey to dark
    scale. If you instead mostly are going to watch sport and family entertaiment
    - then LED is the way to go when this gives you the best colour and picture
    in the dynamic and brightness/whitness scale. Think it is the same with
    PC monitors, but instead of speaking of plasma and LED, you would be
    speaking of which type of panel that gives you the best picture for eider
    games, working with Office or surfing. Know very little of those panel types
    but this is what I can imagen. Please correct me if I´m wrong :-)

    4: As I mention in another thread it is VERY important to have the
    right light in the room. In most cases a monitor screen is very bright
    to watch for the eyes - which also can lead to headache and eye related
    problems - but can be reduced by simply have 2 small tabel lamps on
    each side and behind the screen.

    AG and glossy is terms I dont know what it is so I leave
    that to someone else thats better than me. Hope this
    gives you some help to bring some sort of order in what
    type of screens you should choose, good luck!!!
  2. Thank you that was very informative and helpful. Yea i think no 3 is about right since panasonic does use IPS panels.
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