How to download/burn windows 7 from my hard diskHow do

How do I make a cpoy of my Windows 7 from my computer?
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  1. Are going to use it as a backup for your own personal use. There should be an option to create a backup,system repair disk, or use the Iso image pre installed on a hidden partition if the system was pre built by dell ect to create and Iso image to burn to a dvd rw as a backup. You are ok doing this as long as you have no intention to lend it to someone
    as it will be classed as piracy.
  2. Anyone is allowed to download and burn an iso from this site:

    Use any iso burning software to make a DVD. Where piracy comes in is if you load it more than once using the same COA. That's piracy.
  3. microsoft make a free iso to usb tool. all you need is a usb stick to make a bootable usb installer for windows.
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