My setup:
Celeron 533@533
128 Mb pc133 Ram
Voodo 3 3000 w tv-out 16Mb
Soltek SL-67EV1 mb
Soundblaster 128 PCI

Games like Unreal Tournament and Halflife COunterstrike are running crappy at my computer, I know it shouldnt, and I cant figure out whats wrong.
Ive tried installing the latest drivers for everything, including the latest VIA drivers, no improvement.

I have a friend that has a celeron 333 (or something like that), whit an OLD mb, Voodo 3 2000 and 196 ram and Thats running smoothly on almost everything. What could be wrong?
(Ps when Im running Win 98SE, it locks up when I start a game), Im currently running Win2000Pro.

Please Help!!!
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  1. by the way, I cant even overclock my CPU to 600, why???, I dont know. the system just freezes when I trie to.

    Help would be VERY welcome!
  2. your friend is probably running a bx board.

    Via does not always click with intel cpu's, I have a 333 not o'c celeron that ran quakearena and ut beautifully on an old bh6.

    If you want to have better gamming experience change your mb to a bx type.

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  3. Thanks alot for the help :), by the way what do you mean with bx motherboard?
  4. BX is an Intel chipset that was recently replaced by the 815E. The best board for the BX is the Abit BH6. The 815E version is the Abit SH6, which offers better support for 133MHz bus speeds should you decide to upgrade your CPU later. The best 815E board is the CUSL2-C, but it is a socket motherboard and would require you to get a socket-type processor.

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  5. you can also try turning off all the programs running on the task bar to free up some resources.

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  6. Asus P3B-F is a good BX board as well 'tho I'd agree the Abit SH6 might be a better deal if you are just replacing the board because you can upgrade to a PIII EB later.

    Note that the Abit SH6 has no ISA slots.

    - JW
  7. well so far no one has actually helped you out here just told you what you should have gotten......can you tell me what your irq asignment is? It very well could be that you are sharing an IRQ with your video card (very bad). Also, you really should stick with win 98se if you are primarily going to be playing games.

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  8. what type of heatsink are you using and what are your temps at now?

    who is more foolish...
    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  9. ?????? What has that got to do with anything?

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  10. What planet are you from????? Who said anything about temp in this thread?

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  11. i did.

    who is more foolish...
    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  12. I honestly don't think temp is this guys problem, he is not overclocking and it sounds more like a configuration problem to me.

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  13. Idle????
    If I pay this much for a CPU I'm not going to let it sit around doing nothing...


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  14. If your games are freezing it could be that your mb doesn't supply enough amps to your voodoo. It may have an older voltage regulator. But without more information from you on the exact conditions/nature of the problem, it is hard to say. Try checking out the web site for your board and reading all the known problems.

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  15. The IRQ on my video card (Voodo 3 3000) is 11, I dont know what the IRQ for the mb is, how do I check it?
  16. Ive checked the manual but there isnt any pins for the thermal connector.
  17. well...hehe :), actually my irq for both my video card, my soundcard, and my netcard is 11, a bad thing?
  18. yeah buddy there is your problem for sure. Take out your net card and sound card. Play around with which slot you plug them into untill you get them on there own seperate IRQ's. Make sure after you remove them ( be sure to remove via the uninstall routine) that you go into bios and enable the "reset configuration" switch.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
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