Random BSOD CPU @ 10%

Over the last couple weeks I've been getting random blue screens when playing games and surfing the web (typically 3-4 windows open with 4-5 tabs each).
Nothing that would strain any of my computer. Occasionally I will get this:


I've used my computer for about 10 months without ever getting a BSOD. I recently reformatted my HD 2 months ago.
I'm running win7 64bit on:
i7 920 not OC'd
6gb of ram
4870 vapor x
1TB caviar

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Blue screens are normally caused by either memory problems or driver problems (particularly video drivers). Have you updated any drivers recently? Try using the video drivers you used before the format. Try running a memory test program overnight such as mem86 and report back
  2. I did install a 'modified' version of SoundMAX audio which allowed me to plug in my speaker jack into the back of mobo (I had it connected to my headphone jack in front).

    I have 1.3 CCC and I just installed the 1.3 X-code. I will run mem86 2.11 tonight and i'll give you the update.
  3. From the Microsoft archives...

    Bug Check 0x101:



    Remove the modified Soundmax driver and install a manufacturer provided version. Worry about memtest afterward, as memory issues don't even appear to be a factor with this bug check.
  4. For some reason I wasn't able to get mem86 as my computer couldn't recognize the file. Strange since I ran it when I first built my computer.

    Anyways, I installed the driver from their website.

    I'm not very familiar with driver's, should I update my bios?

    Thanks Prophecy, I'll get back to you guys in a week or two if I have any issues.
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