Is my T-Bird 1.2 Ghz temp high?

I have

AMD T-Bird 1.2 Ghz,
Asus A7V,
Alpha PAL6035/w Delta 60mm fan
Aopen HQ08 (case, I installed three fans - air in)

Asus Probe shows this:

Idle - 63 C / 146 F
Under load: 70 C / 158 F

Idle - 42 C / 107 F
Under load: 43 C / 109 F </b>

Is it hot? Do you think I have to change CPU fan (but guys here advised me this and I saw good things about it.
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  1. Wow. I'm suprised that thing's still running.. 150 degrees is pretty d**n hot!
  2. Are you sure this fan works? Your CPU runs pretty damn hot.
    I suggest you get a hand on this baby: Global Win FOP32-I.
    It'll bring a lifetime of pleasure!

    - Better go Green than Blue!
  3. Yeah, it seem it works ok, and very noisy too.

    I didn't use thermal goop (glue kinda stuff that came with CPU fan). :-( Should I use it? Do u think it will help a lot?

    One more thing. When left my comp case open temp is much lower (Idle: CPU - 49C /120F, MB - 25C / 75F).
  4. My T-bird 800 is overclocked to 1ghz and it doesn't run that hot. It's runs about 36 degrees celcius under full load. Get a new HSF- either the GlobalWin FOP38 or the alpha PAL6035. Get rid of that goop too- get some artic silver. Leave the case off- if you can.

    -MP Jesse
  5. That is hot, does the heatsink feel hot, just incase the sensor is messed up and giving an inaccurate reading? I think you would know that 150F feels hot and you can tell, where as idle should just be a little warm. I would take the heatsink off, clean off the thermal pad and apply some thermal compound, or Arctic Silver, and remount the heatsink, just incase it did not sit down properly the firdt time.
  6. k, you need to have some air-out fans. the air pressure inside should be close to the outside otherwise the fans won't help that much. Have 1 in 1 out, or 2 in 2 out.
  7. Use the "thermal goop" for sure

  8. Jojo is absolutely right.

    Sanik, if you only have intake fans then that is your problem. Reverse the one at the back of the case so that it becomes an exhaust. Your PSU fan already exhausts so if you do as we suggest you will have 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans. I think you will have much lower CPU temperatures.
  9. So, let's recap.
    You need : Excellent airflow in the case, some arctic silver and a cooling solution like Global WIN FOP38 or other great HSF.
    You can't go wrong with this recipe.

    Like it was said earlier, make sure that the heatsink is properly seated on the CPU or else even the most powerful cooling solution won't do.

    - Better go Green than Blue!
  10. Ok guys here is what I did.

    I put out fan/heatsink, used that thermal stuff (goop) a little. Put it back. I opened my window that time (made cold room :-) and when everything all set:

    open case
    cold room
    thermal goop used

    I achieved this:
    <font color=blue>
    CPU: Idle - 25/77
    Under load - 35/95

    MB: Idle - 13/55
    Under load - 19/66
    </font color=blue>
    Then I closed window, closed case, after a little warmer room (and after PC worked a little) here is what I have:
    CPU: Idle - 43/109
    Under load - 54/129

    MB: Idle - 31/87
    Under load - 38/100</b>

    Now let's see what was before (when it was hot):
    <font color=red>
    CPU: Idle - 63/146
    Under load: 70/158

    MB: Idle - 42/107
    Under load: 43/109
    </font color=red>
    Before (case open):

    CPU - 49 C /120F,
    MB - 25 C / 75F.

    Guys, do you think it is OK now (comparing what was before)?
    Do you think I should care more (put some big fans around case, or something like that)?
  11. I actually have about the same config (A7V, Athlon 1200MHz, AOpen HX-08 case) and guess what: I get about the same readings, while the system runs rock stable. Actually, I only have the extra fan at the bottom of the case blowing air in the case. I use the GlobalWin FOP32-I as cooler with Arctic Silver thermal paste. The CPU temp usually reads 61°C.
    Actually I wonder about the accuracy of the CPU temp reading. The CPU heat sink doesn't feel hot at all (if it were, say, 50°C, it would feel pretty hot). After a while of intense 3D gaming, the CPU temperature hardly rises 2°C. I believe this means that the heat is conducted away from the CPU pretty well.
    And there's another thing I did: I accidentally got 2 FOP32-I devices after ordering. I used the fan of the second one and mounted it on top of the first one. I assume this combo may be just as good as a FOP38. This made the CPU temp go down with hardly only 2°C! Not too much I'd say!
    I believe the CPU temp is just a bit higher than the case temp, but a temperature offset is added by the bios to compensate the fact that the temp is not directly measured on chip.
    Is this assumption acceptible?
  12. Well, I believe the HX08 is a furnace. Leave the case open.

    - Better go Green than Blue!
  13. Irmv, so I guess it is Ok for my confiq. Mann, I am a little happy. But probably I will put 3 more fans around case.
  14. Make sure the thermal sensor doesnt touch the cpu die, just place it close to the die and attach it to the heat sink (from the bottom if you can). Make sure the contact between the cpu and the heat sink is as smooth as possible... dont put too much of the "white stuff" just enough so that it fills very small imperfections on the cpu die and the sink.
  15. Thank you guys. I guess this is ok (that I mentioned on previous message) for now. I will put some more fans later, but for now if something will happen I will leave case open.

    Guys I don't maybe that is because of that, my system works greats, it rocks, no problem, except when I work over the Internet it sometimes (not often but) locks up.
    Is it some modem problem, or drivers, or still because of that temp?
  16. Rest assured, Antipop says overheating is not a problem.

    Just ignore it and everything will be just fine.
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