Temperamental Macbook

I am using a wifi network at my home. Sometimes I click on a link or try to access email and the server cannot be found. I can immediately go to another page that does work. Sometimes, I turn off my airport and turn it back on, and that helps.

Every other laptop that uses this wifi connection does not have this problem.

Whats my problem?
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  1. it seems some problem with the laptop, did you tried other laptops on same wifi connection?
  2. yes
  3. try installing external wifi card in your laptop, that's the only solution then apart from repairing it
  4. If it is happening to other laptops, it may be a problem with your wireless router, It could be dropping connection.
  5. In my original post I stated that the other laptops and an ipad that use this wifi connection DO NOT have this problem.

    I downloaded mozilla firefox and have been using that instead of safari....havnt had the problem since I've started using mf
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