Which monitor would you go for?

Hi guys i found 3 monitors all the same brand but different sizes, (22",23",24") however the 24" has a HDMI port whilst the rest don't, I'm not so good with monitors, however would it be better for me to buy the 24" or shall i buy the 22" and use a dvi/vga to hdmi convertor? (P.S is there much difference from a 22" and 24" in terms of gaming)
here are the monitors btw:



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  1. Anyone gonna reply (11 views 0 replies, all i want is opinion)
  2. They're all the same really except for the size and HDMI port.

    If you want bigger get the 24, if not get a smaller one, its really just preference.

    HDMI doesn't make a difference in terms of quality over DVI, HDMI carries audio and DVI doesn't, which most people don't need for a computer monitor anyway
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