HP DM4 vs Macbook Pro?

Hey everyone, hopefully this isn't an inappropriate question to ask here. I'm a college student who is going to buy a laptop in the very near future for use at school - hopefully during a Christmas sale. I have had only good experiences with HP so far, and I have irrational brand loyalty, so I have narrowed my choice down to an HP DM4 with upgrades to 6GB RAM, 500GB HD, a core i5 CPU, and the available GPU upgrade.

Here's the thing though, Macs have MUCH higher reliability in consumer reports, and everyone that I know that has one LOVES it. And I know that they are more reliable, and have lower failure rates, etc... but they're pricy, and I don't really like the Mac OS.

What do you all think?

I can't afford to spend more than $900-$1000 - hopefully less than that. And I figure that if I am going to spend this much for a laptop, I might as well get one that will last long-term, do some light gaming (WoW with medium settings), and have the potential to serve as a viable computer replacement if something should happen to my desktop.

I'm torn. Continue ahead as planned with my customized HP DM4, or try to find an affordable Macbook. What do you all think of the two?

Link to the HP before customization:

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  1. Simple.
    If you don't like the Mac OS,then get a windows machine.Because it doesn't make sense to buy a Mac and use Windows only.
  2. Question:
    What do you plan to be doing with your computer? The MacBook is useful for Graphic Design and Audio Production but the HP DM4 will be better suited to *everything else*.

    MacBooks are nowhere near as reliable as people say they are; I have a MacBook and I find it immensely confusing and underperforming, nothing like my user-friendly Windows 7 powered PC.

    Get the HP. You will regret buying the Mac; they are too restrictive.

  3. I agree with Klosteral, get the HP. I just got a customized dm4 loaded for $1019 all in and it is a smokin rig. Thin and light and will do virtually everything I need (business, video and a occasional game) and it has been flawless. the fact it has a 14" screen and weighs 4.4lbs, it was the best option for me at a grand. I beefed it up to get 2 to 3 years.

    My Config

    Intel i5-560 2.66GHz - Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz
    1GB ATI Mobility HD6370
    6GB DDR3 RAM
    640GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    Intel wireless N & Bluetooth

    This is my 2 cents. best of luck
  4. You must be reading a different Consumer Reports than me. Problems rates for Apple and HP laptops are 17 and 19 respectively with a margin of error of 3 points.
  5. I do not think anyone was getting at the problem rates for either, just giving a uses-vs-price-vs-performance comparison between the two, which the HP won.

    To be honest, the HP Windows computer will be a better buy for you UNLESS you need good battery life or the sleek design of the MacBook.
  6. I was responsding to original poster claiming Macbooks are more reliable. :) Of course that was before I realized this is a dead topic.
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