Looking for a good 23inch monitor - gaming and design

Price range is under $175
Speakers are not needed

Im looking for warm colors
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  1. for under $175 you are likely to be only able to get a tn panel. an e-ips would be what i would prefer to recommend but your budget most likely does not allow it.

    i would stick with major brands such as dell, viewsonic, asus, acer and read reviews on the model before you think about purchasing. if at all possible view the product in person.

    led backlighting on cheap models (products in your price range) can often give a blue or purple tint to the display. i have heard that this can be adjusted out.

    as far as warm colors are concerned you can change your color properties in the monitor osd settings.

    if you want vibrant colors then you want a glossy screen. the tradeoff is that any glare is killer on your eyes.
  2. ok so if i were to decrease screen size/ increase budget what would you recommend
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    its a matter of opinion of course but the e-ips linup that dell offers seems to be pretty popular on here. personally i feel this is much better than a tn panel however they are also more expensive.

    quite a few users seem to be happy with their tn panels though. it all depends on what YOU think about them and not what anyone else does.

    go to a local store where you can view the differences yourself. this is the best way to judge what you like and what you dont like. i've done it, others have done it. its the only way to actually "know"
  4. Thanks, will do.
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