HP 61-511WM Thoughts and opinions

Buying a used HP (see title) specs are:
Amd Sempron M100
Win7 Premium 64bit
3 gb ram DDR2
250gb HD Sata II 5400rpm
15.4 inch
OS not installed/has COA
no charger/I have a universal that might fit/6-cell battery less than year old
Paying 175 USD
A nice 40ish housewife wiped the OS by accident
It is no problem to put Win7 on it.
mainly to be used by my 9 year old daughter for light gaming and school work
hope it lasts and stays viable until high school (5 years)
Advice,opinions,ridicule,ranting and raving all appreciated :)
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  1. The main concern would be how old is the HDD, also if it had any liquid spilled on it. But for that price I think it's a good machine. It will fit it's purpose well.
    you could double-check some prices online for a similar system, like eBay or something, but I personally believe it's a good price.
  2. Thank you for your reply.
    I ended up getting the laptop.
    When I was buying it I ran the hd,ram and battery test in BIOS and everything checked out.
    Also I checked the Computrace status (very important when buying a laptop!)
    and it was disabled.
    I got a receipt from owner with important info (name address and serial number)
    I installed Win7 Premium 64-bit (COA on laptop) with IE9 Beta.
    Interesting install. good experience.
    She likes it. She likes the HP Dr Dre Beats commercial LOL.
    Hopefully last longer than her Del Vostro 1000 Athlon64 x 2 1.8ghz (bought used lasted 2yrs).
    For a single core chip the Sempron M100 2.0ghz is decent.
    Funny the M100 would blow away the old P4 EE HT from back in the day.
    Really shows you how tech has improved.
  3. Also the laptop is less than a year old.
    M100 CPU was officially released Sept 2009.
  4. Good deal, congrats, and even better if she likes it.
    Second-hand Lenovo laptops are also good buys, something to keep in mind if looking for bargains in the future.
  5. Very true.
    I hear very good things about Lenovo.
    I hear very bad things about HP so
    I have my fingers crossed.
    Kinda like cars
    One model can last 20 years and
    other of the same model fall apart after 3 years.
    I think it is what day of the week they are made...
    You dont want a Friday or Monday model LOL
  6. well, it will work up until it won't anymore. Just like everything else... but it's a good spec'd machine. Enjoy.
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