ASUS g73 or...?

Looking for a good general purpose/gaming laptop? Is the g73 the best value for the money?

I'm also considering the Dell xps 15 and asus n61.

Obviously the less expensive the better. Basically, is the g73 worth the extra money over these other two choices?
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  1. G73 is better in specifications, but XPS are always better in build quality, You can also consider Sager in your list.
    There are diff models of G73, if you want best bang for the buck then go with
  2. the cheapest price is still around $1500, eh?

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  4. Well I would recommend the G73. I have the G72 and the build quality is great, performance is outstanding and the price for what I got in a gaming laptop was hard to beat. I play WoW on ultra settings with 8x AA & audio settings maxed as well and I'm getting 60FPS in SW (even after last nights Cataclysm launch). Don't know what sort of gaming that you do but Assassin's Creed plays maxed on it as well. The G73 should easily outperform my G72 (Core 2 Duo @ 2.88GHz, 6gb ddr2, 1gb GeForce GTX 260M)
  5. dmbphan041 said:
    the cheapest price is still around $1500, eh?


    If you need something cheaper,have a look at Sager NP8690
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