AMD 800 Duron not playing games

Hi all,

It seems my enthusiasm for this system is really pissing me off in terms of the number of drivers and revised drivers that is needed for the system to run properly.

I have a Duron 800 running on a ASUS A7V with 128 meg ram, Seagate 7200 rmp 2 meg cache, GForce2 MX, SBLIVE.. and there are some games I can't play. Running Win Me.. I think Me is the problem generator..

Any ideas will be greatly appreiated.


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  1. You'd be better off running games under Win98SE. Some WinME functions slow the system.

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  2. There seems to be quite a few problems with WinMe running games,I dont know where the problem lies, but a lot of the games we get back in our cust service dept are because they wont run on ME, Anything designed to run on 95 has a prob, and some for 98 too, but it dosent seen to be that specific, some new releases seem to have trouble too.

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  3. Windows ME is awesome, works perfect for me on all my games and stuff.

    Im not running a AMD CPU.

    Im told by many genious here that AMD doesn't have any compatability issues. so I guess you suck at building a stable machine.
  4. ME bites big time. My D-Link network card works fine n 98 but woont work at all in ME. There was no new driver support for ME. I went back to 98. Besides it runs faster.

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  5. I would go back to 98, Win2k is pretty good but you will have the same problems with some games not running.


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  6. System below runs 100% stable, fast, fine, without problem

    AMD Duron 650 O/C to 900Mhz (FSB100*9) V1.85
    Asus A7V
    Creative GeForce DDR
    128MB 7.5ns CL2
    Win ME

    all games work fine, i.e. unreal, quake, halflife, Vrally and so much more.

    never had any trouble with anything! :)

    guess I must be lucky!

    Best regards
  7. It is almost certainly Windows ME. There are countless bugs, most of which are flaky and seem to affect one machine but not the other. There are known unpatched bugs with both DDE and DNS. We had several machines in the office running ME (Intel machines I might add) that refuse to run many applications. They were constantly currupting indexes and crashing programs in places they should never crash. Switching to a Win98SE image solved the problem.
  8. Run WIN98 it should work fine then.

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    15gb HD - ati radeon 32mb ddr (200/200)
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  9. I would suggest windows 2k, I am running a 900 athlon, with an A7V and if you install the windows 2k AGP hotfix, and the AMD windows 2K fix, then the system is completely rock solid, in regular windows, and also in games, I had some issues with some games earlier before installing the amd patch, after that it has been running for days and i have been throwing everything at it, running games in the utmost extream resolutions for hours and hours on end, and havent been able to make it flinch let alone crash, I dont know what people's issues are with windows 2000 and games, it works like a dream for me.

    Athlon 900
    Global Win FOP32-1 (removed thermal tape and used Arctic Silver)
    Asus A7V 1005c
    Asus V7700 GeForce2 GTS Deluxe 32DDR (Det3)
    Soundblaster Live Value
    D-Link Network Card
    Extra USB Ports Installed
    256mb Infinion PC133 Ram
    Enermax 330watt PS
    2 8cm Case Fans
    1 12cm Case Fan
    Windows 2K Service Pack1 and AGP hotfix update +Amd AGP Fix
    Via 4in1 425(1)a
    Direct X 8
    for Windows 2K
    Zip 250 internal

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  10. You're not lucky, I have the same thing going on:

    WinME and the system stated below.

    The only problems I had were with one game (Rogue Spear) and after downloading new drivers from nVida's web site and forgoing the card manufacturer's drivers, I haven't crashed since. No joke, the reset button is not used ever.

    T-Bird 800Mhz
    2X IBM 75GXP 30GB in RAID0 config
    Geforce2 32MB
    SB Live
  11. what is your irq situation? do you have system resore disabled in WINME? These are two big things to check first. The vast majority of posts I see with Asus a7v's all seem to have creative cards in them. These should go into the pci slot that is sharing an irq with no other devices.

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