Windows 7 will not start could be hard or software change

I have tried to log into my Dell Inspiron laptop this morning and get the message as detailed above. It gives me 2 options launch startup repair or run windows normally neither do anything. I've tried running in safe mode and it takes me back to the same screen. I have the original OS disks from Dell etc if I need to reinstall, but just don't know how since I can't get past the same screen. Any advice appreciated
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  1. To force your laptop to boot from the Dell recovery disc number 1, you have to go into BIOS Setup and set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device.

    Be aware that if you use the Dell recovery discs it will delete all existing data from the laptop's hard drive.
  2. Thanks for the advice, how do I get to the BIOS setup to enable me to set it to cd/dvd?

    PLease advise, many thanks
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