Thunderbird w/ 133 mhz bus?

Does anyone know when the Thunderbird C's will be available for individual purchase? Been scouring pricewatch; haven't seen any yet. I just got a KT7A mobo, so I'd like one of the newer Athlons to go along with it. Thanks for any help.


And, if I go ahead and get a 100 mhz FSB Athlon, would I be in danger of inadvertant overclocking? I seem to recall something or other about how the chip will increase its speed by 33% in this situation, but I'm not too knowledgable about such things. Thanks again for any info. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Azraelot on 01/22/01 08:30 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. you can run a 100mhz FSB athlon at 133mhz FSB, then lower the multiplier so it still runs at it's original clock speed with the 133mhz fsb
  2. Okay. And I'm assuming this would be done through the BIOS? Any idea on how long I could safely run the chip before I make the change? I'm unfamiliar with BIOS tweaking, as my last mobo is two and a half years old, so I don't want it to fry as soon as I turn on the computer.
  3. wait for it to come they rush the processor there could be bugs. so wait and get it right.

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  4. The Thunderbird with the 266 bus showed up on Pricewatch today. is the first one to list them. I'm not sure if they actually have stock.
  5. You will not overclock the CPU unless you set the fsb for the preocessor at 133Mhz. The KT7A can run at 100Mhz bus so it will default to this. If you unlock the multiplier and set the fsb to 133 then you will need to reduce the multiplier otherwise you will clock it too high and it wont work. It will probably get hotter but any good HSF will easily deal with it.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. It looks like that store won't have stock until the beginning of February...I might just wait until then. Little expensive, but my machine will be a tiny god...512 megs of RAM for under 200 dollars? Who would've thought.
  7. is't possible to put a AMD Tbird 266Mhz FSB to a ABit KT7A-raid Mobo with PC133 mem modules ?
    When yes. What shall be the speed difference comparing to 200Mhz FSB ?

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  8. Anton1 has a very good article on this question. The article should be down on the lower half of the page in the previous articles. I believe Here at Toms there is one as well. Basically it convinced me to stay with a PC133 meg solution with a A-Bit KT133a-Raid config for awhile. I just need the New processors to come out then Im buying Yahoo!!!!
  9. Spacehog, thank you.
    I have ordered now this 1Ghz 266Mhz FSB CPU
  10. You are wasting your time waiting, and money as they will probably be selling for a little more money. I started a post in the Motherboards section about my experience running my KT7A-Raid with my Athlon TBird 900 on a 133mhz FSB, when it defaults to 100mhz FSB with a multiplier of 9. Their is no change in the processor. If running the CPU at 133mhz FSB is supposed to create more heat, fooey, my CPU runs the same, and the highest heat I get on a 100mhz FSB was 49C, now at 140mhz FSB the highest heat is 46C, I don't get that. I had overclocked the CPU on the KT7 by unlocking the CPU by way of the L1 bridges, and ran it normally at 1050mhz, 10 x 105mhz FSB. Now with the KT7A-Raid, I run the CPU at 7.5 x 140mhz FSB, completely stable, of course you will need PC133 or better memory. I had run it at 1066mhz, 8 x 133mhz FSB, but the 140mhz FSB at 7.5 multiplier was faster due to the PCI bus running at few mhz faster. The benchmarks for 3dMark2000 are just a little higher, but memory and CPU performance are much higher now. Running the CPU at 133mhz bus or higher will not reduce the life of the CPU, heat and too much voltage will kill a CPU long before anything else. If a board turns bad, it could likely send a spike to the CPU and other components killing them, but this is rare and usually has to due with lightning storms, electric power surges/dips/spikes, or bad wiring in the house. The TBirds will easily take 1.85volts all day. You have nothing to worry about running a current TBird, or Duron at higher FSB. We overclockers and performance geeks have been running the Intel Pentium III CPU's at 133mhz+ for about a year now with no problems, and Intel did not initially support 133mhz FSB. You should go ahead a get a CPU, and adjust the multiplier and FSB to equal the speed of the CPU with a 100mhz FSB. So, if you buy a 1Ghz TBird, which is 10 x 100mhz, you need to set the multipler to 7.5 and the FSB to 133mhz to remain at 1Ghz. Most 1Ghz CPU's will go higher though.
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