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I am looking for a really good 2560 x 1600 gaming monitor. Can anyone make some suggestions. thanks.
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  1. If you need a monitor for gaming then you should be looking for shorter response time. Viewsonic VX2453mh-LED is one of the best monitors with 24'' and LED screen. Also it has 2ms response time.
  2. Kind of unrelated, but a few years ago I purchased a Dell Ultrasharp 27" (image quality was fantastic, but monitor is ~$800+) however, the large size frequently gave me headaches because of the maximum viewing distance my desk could provide. Problems went away after I downsized to a 24" Ultrasharp. IMHO, 24" monitors are much well worth the cost.

    Just voicing my unique experience, you could have a completely different experience with 27" monitors.
  3. I just got a 27" IPS LED LG monitor, perfect size because LG monitors have dimmer colors so its easier on the eyes even at max brightness.
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