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I am no gearhead so please excuse the naivite . . .
First question: I read somewhere about a 100MHz bus Celeron 800MHz CPU just coming out. But I can't seem to find it anywhere for sale.
Second question: Will it fit my motherboard, an FIC VA-503+ ? And am I asking for trouble in putting it in myself?
Third question: Do I want it? My reasoning for going to a Celeron to upgrade is this. I am an author who writes 700 page monsters with up to 5 footnotes on each page. My notebook is a Celeron 366MHz and it compares favorably with the performance of my desktop AMD K6-2 300 in text processing, especially generating the innumerable cross references and tables of authorities and all that, even though the desktop has 3 times more RAM. So I figure there must be something about the architecture of it that loves the kind of work I do.

Thanks. Bill
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  1. Unfortunately your current board will not support the new generation of CPUs including the Celeron 800 and AMD Duron/Athlon. I believe you are mistaken when talking about your celeron being a "superior architecture." In fact, Intel's newest celeron (800) is a good 30% slower than AMD's fastest Duron offering for double the money. If you are looking for a cheap upgrade, I would suggest purchasing the new generation of AMD's K6-3 or K6-2. They go up to around 500MHz and can be bought for around 50-60 bucks. These will work on your motherboard and significantly speed you up. Otherwise I would say get a new AMD motherboard and a duron or athlon.

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  2. AMD K6-2 @ 600Mhz is the fastest CPU supported on that mobo.

    You can buy all new hardware or stop @ 600Mhz
  3. Get a K6-3+ @ 500mhz

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  4. The new Celerons do indeed run at 100hz bus, but they are going to be a 733hz, should be good to see if they have finally cranked some power from the sucker
  5. No Celeron processors fit your motherboard. In fact, no Intel processors faster than the 233MMX will fit. But you can use an AMD processor. If your computer is really htat slow you probably have the 66MHz bus speed version of the K6-2. Even the 300/100 was about 15% faster. You can get a K6-2 550 to work or a K6-III+ 450 to work. I suspect that either one would perform about equally for your task, and would be at least twice as fast (actual CPU performance might be 3X as fast). You must also remember that whenever you work with fiels that big, a majority of the information may be left on the hard drive, which is much slower than RAM. So I would suggest a newer, faster hard drive and either of the processors mentioned.

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