[Help]BSOD on my new laptop

Hi, i'm just buy a new Acer laptop, and don't know why sometime it got a BSOD.
I think it's a Windows error and i re-install Windows but it still happen. I've tried GG and download NirSoft BSView but i don't understand the information of dump file.
My laptop spec: i3 2350M, 4GB ram, GT 540M, Windows 7 Home Pre 64bits
I've tried update driver, except nVidia driver because it cause nvlddmkm.sys BSOD.

Here is lastest dump file, previous file has been lost because i'm re-install windows, thanks for read and pls help :)
P/s i dont know how to attach file so i upload it on mediafire, sorry

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  1. Have you recently adjusted anything in the bios? maybe tried over clocking?

    I would recommend resetting the bios to factory standards.

    If you still have issues you may want to contact Acer for further support, the laptop should covered under warranty.
  2. No i don't change anything in bios, pls take a look at my dump file.
    It say SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and cause by driver ntoskrnl.exe, address ntoskrnl.exe+7efc0.
    For some reason i cannot bring it to Acer care service, because i bought it in Taiwan and bring it to Vietnam, so my laptop is not warranty in Vietnam :(
  3. ntoskernal.exe is the kernal file for the OS.

    How are you installing Windows? CD/DVD? USB Drive? Cloned Image?
  4. I lost my OEM windows disc so i download the ISO file from here:
    Using Microsoft's Windows7 USB DVD tool to copy it to USB, then install and activate with OEM key in bottom of laptop. So how can i repair it without re-installing windows again? :(
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