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I have an HP Vectra VEi7 which supports Celeron 366-433 cpu's. My question is - does anyone know if it will support a faster Celeron? Specifically a 600Mz.

I know the lower speed chips are PPGA and the higher speed chips are FC-PGA, but I can not find out if this is a deal breaker or not.

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  1. If you can't find out more about your motherboard, I can at least tell you this-the 533 is available in both PPGA and FC-PGA versions, and is the fastest PPGA processor, so it should work. Other than that, all you can do is try to figure out who made your board so that you can go to that companies website and find out if your board support FC-PGA as well. A lot of HP motherboards were made by Asus, and are similar to retail versions except that they have HP bios and the manual jumpers removed.

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  2. You can get FC-PGA -> PPGA converters for about CDN$15 as well.

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  3. OH YEH, I almost forgot, www.evertec.com is Evergreen Technologies' website and they also carry Celeron upgrade processors for a reasonable price.

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  4. Thanks to all for their responses. After following up on some of the advice here, I ordered a 533Mz PPGA Celeron from Access Micro. They were about the only place I could find with the older cpu's in stock and the price was good.

    This avoids the hassle of a converter, etc.

    btw, the url for Evergreen is www.evertech.com (not evertec) and I could not find any of their products to upgrade Celeron systems.
  5. Evergreens fastest compatable model was the Spectra III 600 and cost $69 with the $50 Instant Rebate. Sorry about the mispelling. The add states:
    The Evergreen Spectra III is an affordable, flexible computer processor designed to deliver the performance required by today's operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Unix. The Spectra III is designed for use in any industry-standard socket 370 system and fully supports variable clock multiplier settings. The Spectra III's innovative architecture allows front side bus settings of 66MHz, 100MHz and 133MHz.

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