Restoring Windows 7 without a restore point (I do have a Win7 Disc)

Sorry about the repost, I somehow accidentally put this in the XP sub-forum the first time... Anyhow, like the title says.

Before I had my current PC I used a cheap little Acer I got at Best Buy that served me well over the years. It's got some age on it though and it runs very slowly by now. I wiped it clean as best as I could, running antiviruses and ad aware, but it still feels very slow. With my new PC I bought a copy of Windows 7 ( this thing: ), and I was wondering if I could use this disc to help me restore my Acer to it's original state. I know I can't actually format the drive and use it to install a fresh Win 7 on it, but can I just perform a restore with it?

I tried to use restore points but it tells me I have none.
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  1. Hi :)

    NO restore points , means precisely that...most Acers have a built in recovery though...RTM...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. No. The licence for that version of Windows is tied to the first computer it is installed on and cannot be transferred to another. If you want to restore the Acer back to its original factory state then consult the documentation for instructions on booting the system restore partition on the hard drive. If that partition does not exist then you need either the restore media that you created first thing after unboxing the PC, or restore media for that specific model that you can obtain from Acer (not free).
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