WIM 2180 notebook pc very slow

I have an medion 2180 notebook, and when i'm watching movies (on internet or from a dvd) or listening to music it gets stuck almost every 10 min. It acts like there are a lot of programs used at the same time.

I use VLC media player, but that cant be the problem.
Is it the type of notebook, are there more problems similar to mine with this type of notebook?
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  1. Most likely overheating. Make sure the thing is cleaned up with some air-in-a-can and that the vent ports are not obstructed during operation. A laptop really should not be on your lap/pillow/blanket or anything else that can impede proper ventilation.
    If still not ok, you will need to oopen the case up and do a more thorough cleaning inside, prolly a hairball will fall out of it.
    Oh, and it is possible you might have picked-up some malware from all that online movie watching... Run a good scan.
  2. it gets hot very quick indeed. The ventilation system is underneath the laptop, I think that's a bad thing. My other laptop (a HP notebook) never runs hot (I neither have cleaned it) but the ventilation is on the back.
  3. Clean it up the best you can.
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