U2312HM, graphic problem playing games with vga cable

hi all, i just brought a U2312HM Dell monitor and i found it fantastic but im having a very annoying problem with the vga cable

on any game i try there are many white horizontal line moving up and down, like if there is some refreshing problem... i have no problem in the desktop or viewing videos

i have try ed with the dvi cable and i don't get that problem but sadly i need it for my ps3 to the monitor as well

i try ed to hook my xbox 360 in vga with the monitor and it work well, what i could be?

i was thinking about some interference problem but why with the 360 in vga it work? maybe her cable is more shielded than the one coming with my monitor?

my spec are cpu e8400 3.3, 4gb ram and a vga card gtx 460 768 with 550w corsair psu

update: i get the same issue even watching some HD films, even if its barely noticeable compared with the disturb i get playing games

sorry for my bad english, i hope my text it's comprehensible
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  1. well i solved the problem, hooking the monitor with this http://www.dgstore.it/phpThumb/phpThumb.php?src=http://cdnmedia.icintracom.biz/media/catalog/product/i/m/img7009_2.jpg&w=100&h=100&q=100 fixed the interference, i have no idea why but i'm happy it work now :D
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