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Disk Defragmenter wont complete

Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
December 5, 2002 2:59:56 AM

I've used jv16 powertools to clean my registry etc. Everything works fine. I did a virus scan and scan disk with no problems. But Disk Defragmenter wouldnt complete after 8hrs. It would get to 2% and go back to zero. I have all programs closed, anti-virus disabled, zonealarm disabled, and it still didnt finish.

I'm guessing I can run it in safe mode and hopefully it will finish running. I have a 60gb drive with only about 10megs used and a 500mhz processor so it should be so bloody slow.

Win98se, and have no other problems with my computer, so I cant figure out what the deal is
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December 5, 2002 4:08:46 AM

What about any power saving modes?

I defragged my massive :eek:  13.6 GB HDD the other week on my 500Mhz w/Windows 98se no prob, although every now and then I think it fell back a few % with the reorganizing of the disk. It took a few hours.
December 5, 2002 5:43:18 PM

maybe you have some spyware running in the background. go to lavasoft and download Ad-Aware 5.8 something and it'll scan your computer and remove any spyware. Or in windows 98 you can just press ctrl+alt+del and close everything but explorer.exe and then try and run it.

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December 5, 2002 10:00:38 PM

Jeeezz. Defragmenting my 50GB partition takes about 20 minuttes!

I had not defragged or done full windows scandisk in 2 years or so. It's not surprising, then, that I had a big windows/hard disk mishap the other week (which lead me to decide that defragging/scandisking was in my best interest) :cool:
December 6, 2002 2:39:54 AM

i ran adaware a few weeks ago, but I'll try again tonite and hopefully 8hrs will be enough

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December 6, 2002 3:42:13 AM

Windows Defrag is pitifully lame, why don't you give VoptXP high speed defragger a try, you can download the program and use it as a free trial for 30 days, it comes with overide command features that will allow you to defrag, if a normal defrag is not possible, it also comes with performance tune up capabilities for your system. I'm running Win98SE on my machine and Win2K on my wifes machine with VoptXP on both, I tried it for about 10 days and went ahead an bought the program, its so good if you try it you will buy it. I'm running a 40Gig and its never taken longer than ten minutes to defrag, I've been using this program for 8 months now, I kid you not its the best software I've spent money on yet, give it a try what have you got to loose, it will not harm your machine, 30 day free trial, with tune up capabilities this is definitely a no brainer. You can download VoptXP from.<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

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January 18, 2003 5:09:23 AM

The defrag.exe that came with w95/98 was pretty lame. Get yourself a copy of defrag.exe file that came with wMe and you will get much less restarts. Just rename the current file and copy the new one into the same directory/folder.

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February 8, 2003 12:28:32 AM

I had WinME for close to three years and sometimes had trouble with the defragmenter restarting. I used a program that I originally got to close down everything to get better performance from the MS Flight Simulators. The program is called Enditall. It is configurable in regards as to what programs you want it to leave running, but I always had it shutdown everything but explorer and systray...and of course Enditall would not shutdown itself....much quicker than the Ctrl-Alt-Delete method.

Using Enditall never failed...the defragmenter always finished...however, to shut off my system I had to first restart it and let it reboot everything that it normally would before I could then shut it off.

I did try the Vopt program mentioned above and it was did have some trouble trying to optimize my swap file...probably because I had already optimized "manually".

February 8, 2003 1:18:05 AM

I had that problem once. It was a background program that did not show up using Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I just uninstalled programs that I no longer used. Not sure which program was at fault.