Toshiba Satellite L305 S5919 wont start

This is the stock laptop and one fine day it just shutdown on me while i was watching a movie.
When I give it power supply it turn on for 2 secs I hear the fan rotate and it shuts down.
and then the 2 lights for power supply and battery blink that is it
No display nothing. I am not sure if it is the motherboard or power supply of CPU (which is rare).
The warranty has expired so I had disassembled it to dig deep and I could see the fan rotate and stop. so please advise I need to fix this.
As people are offering like $50 and $80 for this.
I rather keep it then sell at the price.

edit: its the yellow power supply light and the Orange battery light tat blinks tats it.... no other light turns on while these blink or otherwise

EDIT 2: Really ? 24 views and no replies ? Like no one has had this problem ?
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  1. If you already disassembled it, you might want to try and reset the BIOS by removing the little cell battery from the motherboard for a couple hours. Also, try to do a thorough clean-up on the inside, to eliminate any possibility of overheating. If these steps still unsuccessful, if could be the motherboard or the graphics adapter that failed.
  2. hey its prob your hdd drive that isnt grounding if you take the two screws out of the cover panel youll see the hard disk drive from there youll take that out and look at the case for it it will be a thin piece of alluminum that has to be touching the metal clips that come through the top
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