Athlon 1ghz-2 toasted--help please

Help please. A friend built his first system, powered it up and its as dead as a dodo except for fans etc, no monitor.He brought it round and I checked it out, he had put it together ok.the problem was isolated to mobo or cpu. i went to the store with him where he got the mobo, a gigabyte with raid,it automatically selects volts, and it tested ok with an athlon 650. we went to the store where he got his cpu and it was dead, they replaced it. i rebuilt the system and used thermal paste between cpu and heatsink,Id seen the article on 'how to' on this site. the original sticky strip on the heatsink being unusable. powered up and it worked for 15 secs then the monitor went blank, it looked like another toasted cpu. ive not built a 1 gig athlon system before. any help would be welcome, thanks in advance
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  1. Make sure you're not using a crappy retail generic heatsink and fan. If so you MIGHT want to get yourself a new one (hehe).

    Also make sure that you don't put too much thermal paste on, only paper thin.
  2. 15 seconds wow. I believe that beats my record by 1 minute and 45 seconds.

    Most people dont believe AMD and a thermal issue to deal with, and this post is not really here.
  3. are these chips so sensitive that you can toast one in 15 secs even with an AMD recommended heatsink and fan
  4. I really sympathize with you and your friend, and also with the two crispy critters(that's a horrible way to die).

    fact is that there is so much misleading info coming from the orifices of some ppl in this forum.

    So, my advice is don't spend another nickel on anything AMD until they come out with a chip that has thermo protection.

    - Amd Helpdesk -
  5. I 'LOL' (as grizely1 sez) everytime I see to see another AMD meltdown. AMD pushes the assembly line over the top to keep up with Intel. OVER the top... average CPU performance on production lines is just that: AVERAGE. There's a line of victims on this website alone as a result of AMDs sloppy quality control.

    If you are wondering why Intels chip owners post incredible overclocking stories, your answer is all over Tom's hardware community. Intel underclocks consistently to GUARANTEE nominal speed. You pay a little more, but it won't die when you juice it, and overclocking is a snap. Get serious cooling, and you'll really see some numbers.

    What do you expect... you get what you pay for.

    Just a fact.
  6. And that is why the 1GHz P3 couldn't even be overclocked 133 MHz faster, right? And thats also why the (originally) 1GHz Tbird is being overclock to 1.4GHz......... HMMMMM...............
  7. You truly confused here. The occaisional lucky T'bird overclocker is an anomaly. Look at all of the toasted AMD chips on this site.

    By the way, What DO you do with that 'old hand' all day, anyway ??

    -proud newbie, for months now-
  8. Uhh I'm not an old hand dude. I'm the ruler of the boards so you better watch your mouth dude.

    You can't just try to change facts. AMD is the overclockers choice. The chips that do get toasted is because the heatsinks aren't mounted correctly. Take thermo protection off the P3, and run it without a heatsink, see how well you do.

    I believe you're the one who is confused. You need to get your head out of your ass and look around.
  9. Oh, my mistake. Your no longer an old hand. I'm really sorry. The rhetoric gets pretty silly, doesn't it. Ruler, huh ?
    So that's how you become a 'patriarch'.
  10. Actually Fredi let me change it to whatever I wanted :smile:
  11. you should go ahead and change it to "forum parasite" hehehe!

    - Amd helpdesk -
  12. Ahh, now I see....

    AMD processor users are thermal paste/ heat-sink challenged ?
    Nah, I don't think so.

    So..why are the Intel chip users not equally toasting chips ?

    Is it so much more difficult to screw up heat-sinking a PIII ? Must be a slot1/S370 design flaw.
  13. I think I'll respond to myself this time. At least I'll listen to me. Oh, cud I borrow Freddi for a few minutes ?
  14. Because Intel has thermal protection. AMD was stupid not to include it, but then again it wasn't counting on people mismounting (not a word but should be) their heatsinks.

    oh yeah Meltdown, that was funny ha ha ha ha he he he aha
  15. Not one of my Intel OEM chips have ever come with a heatsink or fan.. are you telling me that the RETAIL AMD chips DON'T EITHER ? Well, duh. There is $20 OFF.

    This AMD 'price/perormance' miracle is losing it's luster...
  16. I agree that Athlons need thermal protection. I have never seen one burn up with the heatsink mounted properly though. My Athlon is perfectly stable, and I'm not doing anything extra special to cool it. I am simply following instructions correctly....
  17. What? What in the heck are you talking about, boy? Go back and re-read some of the posts..... Never anywhere did I mention the retail AMD stuff coming without a heatsink and fan.
  18. Oh, I get it, now... The AMD processors are shipped without thermal protection, not heatsink/fan. I guess I'm just a dork. But then I spend one hour a month here, not every waking moment.

    So, I guess that means that they're shipped with a pre-programmed thermal destruct fault. That's smart.
  19. I can live without thermal protection for an extra 121 dollars (PIII 1ghz is $296, while T-bird is $175, according to I can buy a good heatsink and fan with the extra cash and not worry about it. Actually, I have a Duron 700 oc'd to 1gig. I saw duron 700's on pricewatch going for $49. Why would I pay $296 for an intel? Thermal protection? HA! This thermal protection argument is lame and nonsensical babble from people who can't accept that AMD can make a better product than intel.
  20. I agree.

    When people argue that TBirds produce more heat I just say, "Well what do you expect with that FPU?"
  21. Id like to thank you all at Toms hardware for the wonderful help you have all provided. its absolutley beyond belief how youve helped. if anybody Knocks the posts at Toms hardware Ill tell the to go shoot themselves, unless they have actually read them, and realise what a useless load of self satisfied, bigoted, moronic, useless, tosspots you are. By the way I now have the system up and running, the 1ghz athlon has booted through to 1.3 after a bit of tweaking. I wont bother to tell you what weve done as you know obviously know already. again thanks for your help!!!!!
  22. the athlons don't seem to be that easy to burn up as i currently have my heatsink mounted with fishing line after the cheap click broke off and i have no heat problems yet.
  23. Skinner, could you please share with us what the intial problem was that caused the destruction of two CPU's? Was it a misconfiguration, human error, or indeed faulty cpu's? I understand your frusteration with prior posts, however your information could save future users from a simular experaince.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  24. in reply to ncogneto,we got another replacement cpu,without any quibbles which seems strange, is there something about these chips. previously ive always had a battle returning parts, this seemed too easy, I mean one chip possibly but to return two and have them replaced????. anyway the store advised a different heatsink and NOT to have the memory installed when you first put the power on, they also recommended pc100 not pc133,so we bought some pc100.we did this and powered up and got the startup screen, we powered down and installed the memory, and rebooted, this time with a boot disc in and proceeded to partition and then format and make the disc bootable, an IBM 30gig, then win me and all the drivers etc.I have no idea apart from not having the memory in on the first start up what the problem could have been, sorry. the mobo was a gigabyte GA-7ZXR SKTA RAID+SOUND, not my first chioce, then again its not my system, but its running very well now. time will tell.

    its better to let people think you are an idiot than open your mouth and prove it

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  25. Ok I can understand only the new heatsink part. Very possibly you had a bad (or wrong) heatsink that was not properly seating on the cpu core. Downgrading to pc-100 does not make any sense at all. You are losing considerable performance in terms of your memory bandwith by doing this and I would advise you know that you have the system up and running to go back to pc-133.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  26. ncogneto, thanks for the reply, the original heatsink was a taisol which is on the AMD approved list, I cant understand it either as nothing we did should theoretically have any effect, are there a load of duff chips out there?.
    anyway the good thing is I ended up with 128mb pc133 CL2 as once it was up and running he didnt want to change any hardware
  27. l33t. Free ram!

    <font color=red>=P
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